Not gone

Not gone! 2023

Steel wire mesh

Australia Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne

Images: Andrew Curtis

Not gone!

Through rotating, steel wire-mesh, sculptural forms, in this kinetic work I am moving beyond limitations and controlling aspects of Australian histories that are still shrouded in false and obscured narratives. I cast light on the sinuous, wire-mesh shapes to allow the work to perform itself. The wiry forms create illusions of density despite their significant lightness of being.

Potentially harsh and abrasive steel fibres reference abrasive acts and unhealed wounds that are outcomes of colonisation. I choose to carefully enfold the complexities of harsh histories and actions that have been historically and contemporaneously enacted on Australian Indigenous people.

As the shadows cast by the work move in and out of focus they provide transitory moments that reflect on shadowy histories that have never been told or are often mis-told. An outcome of the ongoing mis-telling of Australian history manifests as an amnesia of Australia’s cultural memory. Such mis-telling and disremembering seeks to make Indigenous Australians invisible. I am Not Gone!