Drifts of Invisibility 2024


Drifts of Invisibility 2024

Title: Drifts of Invisibility
Medium: photography and text
Image: Marilena Hewitt

Meanjin / Brisbane



As I peered into the water’s edge at Trouser’s Point on Flinders Island, I searched for my invisible, erased mother. This was her birthplace. What surfaced through these reflections was how I was beginning to grasp the intangible in my attempts to connect with someone and something that had disappeared.

 Drifts of Invisibility is a photographic and textual contribution to the book 00-01 Water, the first issue in the Platypus Essentials series by award-winning publisher Marilena Hewitt.

There are two sides to this book: [thirsty], a field guide seeking a queer utopia amongst the watery spaces of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), and [swallow], a platform for wet critical discussion, art, and literature by contributors from across the continent.