Woorringenner / women call out


Woorringenner / women call out 2023

A collaboration between Mandy Quadrio
and Jan Oliver

Medium: paper, graphite, bull kelp, bleached black velvet
Images: The artists

5th Tamworth Textile Triennial, Tamworth


Woorringenner / women call out

The title of this work: woorringenner / women call out, comes from the Laremairremener language group of the Oyster Bay Nation, Loetriwitter / Tasmania.

Woorringenner describes the process that Mandy and Jan undertake each time they meet together.

Into the three vessel-like forms they enfold stories of many complexities and contradictions in their individual lived experiences and in their shared histories. These stories are carried and held within the materials of bull kelp, silk, bleached black velvet, graphite and crumpled paper.

As women who call out, they will not have their histories silenced!