Not Gone 2024

Not Gone! 2024
(2nd iteration of Between Waves)

Medium: 3 rotating mechanisms, stainless steel wire mesh
Dimensions: Variable – 5 suspended 3D sculptural forms
Images: The artist

Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Hobart

The installation Not Gone! uses manipulated steely wire-mesh fibres to weave experiences and memories and to anchor stories that move and change through time.

Light and motion work to activate and illuminate the sparkling, wire-mesh material that performs in a subtle and slow-moving circular motion generating an ever-evolving shadow-world.

Referencing abrasive acts and unhealed traumas that are outcomes of colonisation, the work draws attention to the ongoing mis-telling of Australian history. Such disremembering seeks to make Indigenous Australians invisible. As a proud Trawlwoolway and Lairamaireener woman, I am Not Gone!